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WAMNET Japan K.K. ("the Company") declares that, when using the personal information of its customers, business associates, and other individuals for business purposes, the Company will observe all relevant laws, regulations, and other rules governing the protection of personal information and establish its own voluntary rules and system that meet the current international norms. The Company will also implement and maintain the privacy policy set forth below.
  • 1. The Company will obtain personal information to the extent necessary for business operations in a legitimate and fair manner. The Company will also specify the purposes of use of the personal information to the personal information holder before or at the time it is collected and, unless otherwise permitted by relevant laws, use it only for the specified purposes and take necessary measures to prevent it from being used for other purposes.
  • 2. The Company will comply with relevant laws and regulations, government guidelines, and other norms concerning the handling of personal information and develop, review in a timely manner, and improve continuously a personal information protection management system. The Company will also provide the necessary training, not just to its executives and employees, but to everyone else engaging in its operations to ensure the full protection of personal information.
  • 3. The Company will endeavor to take appropriate and reasonable technical and organizational measures to prevent and mitigate risks such as unauthorized access to and leakage, loss or damage of personal information.
  • 4. Unless otherwise permitted by relevant laws, the Company will not provide personal information to any third party without the prior consent of the personal information holder. In cases where personal information is provided to outsourced organizations, the personal information provided will be limited to only that necessary for the specified purposes, and the organizations will be bound to obligations to protect the confidentiality of the personal information under contracts or other agreements while given proper instructions and supervision from the Company.
  • 5. The Company will promptly respond to a reasonable extent upon receiving a complaint or inquiry concerning the handling of personal information or a request from the personal information holder for the disclosure or correction of his/her personal information held.
  • 6. In cases where operations involving the use of personal information are outsourced to the Company, the personal information provided will be strictly protected and used only for the purposes of the outsourced operations. Unless otherwise permitted by relevant laws, personal information will not be provided, nor will its handling be entrusted, to any third party without the prior approval of the outsourcer.
Personal Information Inquiry Desk
If you have any requests regarding your personal information, such as disclosure, correction, or deletion, or any questions or complaints about the way we handle personal information or our privacy policy, please contact us via e-mail, fax, or SSL-encrypted inquiry page.

Contact information:
Fax 03-5117-2155
SSL-encrypted inquiry page
■Our authorized personal information protection organization (JIPDEC)
WAMNET Japan is a registered target entity of JIPDEC, a personal information protection organization authorized by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information in order to investigate complaints made against their registered target entities to enhance information security and trust in the way the target entities handle personal information. You can contact our Personal Information Inquiry Desk with your inquiries or complaints, but if you should feel dissatisfied with our response and require a solution, or if you are not sure where to contact to clarify your query, please contact JIPDEC's Personal Information Protection Consultation Service Office directly.

Contact information:
Name of the authorized personal information protection organization: JIPDEC
Point of contact for complaints: Personal Information Protection Consultation Service Office, PrivacyMark Promotion Center
Address: Roppongi First Building, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan
Phone: 03-5860-7565 or toll-free 0120-700-779
Established on June 10, 2005
Revised on July 1st, 2019

Hiroshi Hasegawa
President and CEO,
Handling of Personal Information at WAMNET Japan
■Basic policy
WAMNET Japan K.K. (hereinafter, "the Company") is deeply aware that customers' personal information is important for their privacy. The Company respects its customers and will meet their expectations and trust by ensuring all its employees comply with relevant laws and regulations governing personal information protection when they handle personal information in business operations.
■Definition of personal information
The Company defines personal information as information about a living individual which can identify the specific individual by name, physical/e-mail address, or other descriptions contained in such information.
■Collection of personal information
The Company may request its customers to register certain personal information, as well as their customer information (company name, etc.), before they sign up for the services offered by the Company (hereinafter, "the Services"). The Company may also collect personal information through questionnaires, its website, or by other means.
■Management of personal information
At the Company, it is ensured under the supervision of the Personal Information Controller (e-mail: メールアドレス; Fax: 03-5117-2155) that employees comply with relevant laws and regulations as well as the Company's internal rules on personal information in order to achieve the proper and strict management of personal information received.
The Company may authorize external parties to handle personal information in order to provide the Services. If this is the case, the Company will ensure to select outsourced vendors that are recognized as properly managing personal information (hereinafter, "the Vendors") and contractually bind the Vendors to strictly manage personal information and maintain confidentiality without subcontracting the handling of personal information or otherwise divulging personal information to any other parties.
■Use of personal information
The Company uses customers' personal information to provide the Services to customers, conduct personal authentication, and for other purposes required to manage and operate the Services. The Company also may use personal information to inform customers of its available products, seminars, and others. The Company does not use personal information for any purpose other than the above, nor discloses the information to any third parties.
Customers' billing data are used only to collect the charges of the Services and disclosed only to credit card companies, payment collection agencies, and other organizations to which billing processes are outsourced.
■Voluntariness in providing personal information
The provision of personal information is voluntary. Please note, however, that the availability of information for the Services provided by the Company may be limited depending on the extent to which customers provide the Company with personal information.
■Provision of personal information to third parties
  • The Company does not provide customers' personal information to any third parties except in the following cases:
  • 1. In the event where customer consent has been obtained;
  • 2. In the event where provision or disclosure is required by relevant laws or regulations;
  • 3. In the event where provision or disclosure is required to protect human life, body, or property and where it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent;
  • 4. In the event where provision or disclosure is specially required to improve public health or to promote the sound development of children and where it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent;
  • 5. In the event where provision or disclosure is required to cooperate with a state organ, a local government, or with an individual/business operator entrusted by either of the former two in executing the affairs prescribed by relevant laws and regulations;
  • 6.In the event where provision or disclosure is requested by a judicial or administrative authority under relevant laws and regulations, which the Company is required by relevant laws to fulfill;
  • 7. In the event where, as a result of the succession of business due to a merger, transfer of business, or otherwise, provision to the merger partner, the company to which the business is transferred, or other third parties is required; or
  • 8. In the event where, other than the preceding items, provision or disclosure is required for the public interest or on other justifiable grounds.
■Handling of personal information outsourced from customers
The Company also handles personal information entrusted from its customers during the process of implementing its data transfer, data storage, or other services for customers or when undertaking the management of such services outsourced from customers (account management agency service, etc.).
  • 1. The Company uses industry-standard security technology to ensure that the personal information of customers who have signed up for the Services on the Company's website and provided the information online is protected securely.
  • 2. The Company's privacy policy and details on its handling of personal information are available publicly on its website and other sources and accessible by customers at any time.
  • 3. The Company's privacy policy and handling of personal information will be improved continuously as needed.

WAMNET Japan K.K. is accredited by JIPDEC for Privacy Mark use.

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