Security Policy

Basic Policy on Information Security

  1. Purport
  2. WAMNET Japan K.K. (“the Company”) recognizes that it is our absolute duty not only to comply with relevant laws, regulations and rules but to maintain information security in order to protect the information we receive from our customers and the information assets held by us from any forms of risk and to realize appropriate safety control. Based on this recognition, from the perspective of company-wide risk management, the Company declares that we will establish the Basic Policy on Information Security as the standard and all employees will observe the Basic Policy and engage in business with a sense of ethics so that we can proactively work to establish, operate and maintain the information security management system (ISMS including cloud security certification).

  3. Purpose
  4. Through our business operations as a network management services provider for digital contents, the Company shall strive to protect and manage all the information assets we handle including information received from our customers and to strengthen the security environment. By doing so, the Company will be regarded as a “reliable company” by our customers and continue to grow and thrive in the future. For that purpose, the Company shall set up information security goals consistent with the Basic Policy and assess the achievement of the goals.

  5. Scope of Application
  6. The scope of application of the information security management system shall be all organizations and business activities of the Company.

  7. Implementation Items
  8. (1) To secure and maintain “confidentiality,” “integrity,” and “availability,” which are fundamental items to maintain in information security
    (2) Not to violate items required by internal rules, regulations or laws
    (3) To formulate preventive measures and recovery procedures not to disrupt business activities due to a serious failure or disaster and to review them periodically
    (4) To regularly provide education and training on information security to all employees in the scope of application
    (5) To report and investigate all incidents, accidents or vulnerabilities in information security

  9. Regular Review
  10. (1) The management shall regularly review the information security management system to efficiently manage constantly changing risks.

Established on October 27, 2009
Revised on October 16, 2020
Hiroshi Hasegawa
President and CEO

Cloud Security

The Company provides GigaCC ASP as a cloud services provider. In order to protect the information assets held by us including information we retain for our customers, the Company has proactively made efforts to establish, operate, and maintain ISO/IEC 27017. For more details, please refer to the service agreement on GigaCC ASP and the site introducing GigaCC ASP services.

In addition, the Company has selected service providers that comply with ISO/IEC 27017 and meet the security level required by us for the cloud services we utilize as a cloud service customer.

Hiroshi Hasegawa
President and CEO